Hillcrest United Methodist Church
Tuesday, March 20, 2018
A family of diverse people, with a variety of gifts, called to discipleship, led by one Spirit, and united in service and mission to God

Where Can I Serve?

As Methodists, we commit to uphold the church by our prayers,

our presence, our gifts, our service and our witness.


 Where Can I Serve?

Each week, we have the opportunity to do just this in the life of our church!

each Sunday morning that expresses a range of styles and backgrounds

  • We meet together in small groups

    for study

  • We give to support the work of the church and to meet the needs

    who come to us for help

  • We serve through hands-on ministries such as Room in the Inn


 Check out our missions and ministries sections to learn more.

Please email martie@hillcrestumc.org to let us know that you are interested in volunteering in any of the areas below or call
Marylee Foster, Chairperson
_____ Assist with website
_____ Assist with Facebook sites
_____ Change sign on front lawn
_____ Manage monitor use in Welcome Room
_____ Oversee bulletin board in Welcome Room
_____ Assist with keeping directory updated
_____ Serve on Communications Team
_____ Design “church business cards” for members to
                        carry and give out
Jack & Anita Wheeler, Chairpersons
_____ Take communion to homebound persons
_____ Check on homebound persons regularly
_____ Hospital visitation
_____ Homebound visitation
_____ Help with bereavement meals/refreshments
_____ Contact persons who have missed worship
_____ Assist with Coasters
_____ Assist with Honeys
_____ Assist with WHO – Widows Helping Others
_____ Serve on Congregational Care Team
_____ Parking lot greeters with umbrellas on rainy days
Megan Cobb and Richard Spry
_____ Assist with recycling
_____ Help care for Riparian Area around stream
_____ Help educate congregation about
                        need for Creation Care
_____ Assist with putting in solar panels
                        in pavilion & fountain
_____ Assist with blessing of animals service
_____ Serve on Creation Care Team
_____ Wash dishes at church events.
Charlene Eubank & Diana Hynson, Chairpersons
_____ Teach Sunday School class
            ____ Adult      _____ Youth
            ____ Children _____ Young Adult
_____ Lead a small group
_____ Lead a small group at a local coffee shop, etc.
_____ Lead Women’s Bible Study
_____ Lead Men’s Bible Study
_____ Participate in Men’s/Women’s Bible Study
_____ Assist with New Member Class
_____  Participate in Bible Study
_____ Participate in Disciple I
_____ Participate in a small group
_____ Serve on the Discipleship Team
_____ Volunteer in Church Library
Jason Hale, Chairperson
_____  Count Sunday offering
_____ Assist with internal audit
_____ Launder kitchen linens
_____ Help keep break room clean (general straightening and cleaning of appliances)
_____ Wash coffee cups in Break Room
_____ Oversee Kitchen supplies
Alan Foster, Membership Secretary
_____   Assist with keeping membership roll books and
records up to date
Kim Joyce, Chairperson
_____ Assist with the Community Food Bank
_____ Assist with Health Fair
_____ Assist with Room in the Inn
            _____ Inn keeper
            _____ Provide Supper
            _____ Provide Breakfast
_____ Assist with Open Table Resource Center
                        2nd & 4th Fridays
_____ Participate in Habitat for Humanity (Fall)
_____   Adults in Mission – Mt. Top (October)
_____ Do gleaning with Society of St. Andrews
_____   Help with English as a Second Language classes
_____   Home repairs, yard work for church members
_____ Assist with Haywood Lane apartments’ summer
                 Vacation Bible School
Sue Conder, Coordinator 
______ Justice for Our Neighbors (JFON)
3rd Saturday each month
_____ Greet guests as they arrive for clinics
_____ Provide snacks for guests
Lisa Merritt, Coordinator
_____ Pencil Partnership at Tusculum
_____­ Help with Pencil Partnership at Tusculum
                        Elementary School
_____  Be a reader for Read Me Week
_____ Classroom Helper
_____ Library Helpers
_____ Clothing Drive
_____ School Supply Drive
_____ Assist with moving school during 2017-2018
                        school year
_____ Refreshments for Teacher Appreciation
                                    Week (May)
_____ Adopt a Newcomer’s Class
_____ Volunteer to serve in Reading Clinic
_____ Volunteer to serve as Math tutor
Mike Castellaw, Music Minister
_____ Sing in Wesley Chancel Choir
_____ Play Hand bells
_____ Play an instrument
Nancy Cotton, Chair
_____ Photographer (photograph new members
                        and place on bulletin board)
_____ Assist with assimilating new members
Gracie Murphree, Chairperson
_____   Help plan a year-round stewardship program     _____   Help with Fall stewardship campaign
_____ Serve on Stewardship Team
Lay Ministries & Outreach
_____ Drive mini-van on Church Trips
_____ Drive Church Bus (requires special license)
_____ Transport church members to worship
Rick Murphree, Chairperson
_____   Help wash dishes instead of using disposables
_____   Help paint inside church
_____ Help with work days
_____ Take care of plants inside building
Re Humeny, Chairperson
_____ Greet visitors at end of worship services
_____ Help assimilate new members
_____ Keep narthex & welcome room stocked with
            information flyers for guests
Kim Nixon, Chairperson
_____ Sound System volunteer
_____ Run screen for worship
_____ Serve communion
_____ Usher
_____ Assist with funerals
_____ Wedding Coordinator/Assist with weddings
_____ Altar decorations
_____ Change/launder tablecloths in Welcome area
_____ Back up for prepping communion
_____ Decorate narthex
_____ Acolyte – 2nd – 6th
_____ Assist with putting out attendance pads
_____ Worship leader/read scripture
_____   Help coordinate Ministry Moments
_____ Assist with counting attendance at worship
_____ Serve on God’s Team
Jason Hale, President
_____ Cook Breakfast on 4th Saturday morning
_____ Assist with Smoking Boston Butt (late June)
_____ Assist with Smoking Turkeys (November)
­­­­_____ Handyman at church and members’ homes
_____ Participate in United Methodist Men.
Dot Crawford, President
_____ Assist with Food Bank
_____ Participate in United Methodist Women
_____ Prayer Shawl Ministry
_____ Help plan events, ministries and programs
                        for young adults
_____ Care packages for church members away for
_____ Lead a Sunday School (or week day class) for
                        Young adults
_____ Receive a call from Minister to Youth to discuss                                 how you can be involved
            Your phone no. ___________ _____________
_____ Volunteer with PUSH once a month on Sunday          nights
_____ Volunteer with Rock the House once a month on         Sunday nights
_____ Teach or Co-Teach Youth or Middle School                           Sunday School on Sunday Mornings
_____ Attend Mountain TOP with the youth
_____ Send Mail to youth at camp
_____ Get involved with iD Weekend, Mar 3-5
_____ Coordinate or assist with Alleluia Auction , 5/7
_____    Spend the night for Middle School lock in
_____ Drive the Bus for youth events
_____ Coordinate the Annual Graduation Breakfast
_____ Be a Confirmation Mentor
*May require Background Check and Safe Sanctuary Training
Felicia Simms, Children’s Coordinator
_____ Volunteer in baby or toddler nursery once a mo.
_____ Give a Children’s Moment in worship
_____ Volunteer for Children’s Church once a month
_____ Assist with Easter Egg Hunt
_____ Assist with Vacation Bible School
_____ Assist with Trunk or Treat
*May require Background Check and Safe Sanctuary Training
Martie Rader, Administrative Assistant
_____ Substitute when Administrative Assistant
            is on vacation/ or attending Staff Meetings