Hillcrest United Methodist Church
Tuesday, March 20, 2018
A family of diverse people, with a variety of gifts, called to discipleship, led by one Spirit, and united in service and mission to God

Community Garden

 Hillcrest works with the Refugee Agricultural Programs of Middle TN to provide classroom space for training classes and garden space for practical application of classroom learning.
Before moving to the United States, some of our refugees were successful farmers, producing food for their families or selling food at farmer’s markets. We aim to partner with agencies who create an emotionally and culturally safe space where health is encouraged, to build upon the strengths of participants and increase self-sufficiency, and to grow, to learn, to share together, peacefully.
We support those who want to continue to use their skills and garden or farm here in Nashville, and represents several collaborating agencies. The Nashville Food Project,  and the Tennessee Foreign Language Institute to offer two unique programs that engage refugees in local agricultural opportunities.
Our common goals include 1) increasing access to growing space for refugees and 2) increasing access to training opportunities for refugees.
Each garden has its own history and unique wayof providing avenues for Nashville’s refugee populations to participate in the local food economy.
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