Hillcrest United Methodist Church
Tuesday, March 20, 2018
A family of diverse people, with a variety of gifts, called to discipleship, led by one Spirit, and united in service and mission to God

Member Leaders

Hillcrest UMC is led by a committed group of church members who work together through the Church Council to shepherd, coordinate and pray for our ministry together.


Below are descriptions of our administrative committees:

Church Council

This body is our ministry roundtable where leaders of each ministry team gather to share information about what is happening in each ministry area and to coordinate efforts for maximum effectiveness. The council also votes to approve recommendations on church business from groups such as the Staff Parish Relations Committee, Finance Committee and Trustees.
Staff Parish Relations Committee
SPRC is a committee mandated by the United Methodist Book of Discipline that acts as the primary point of communication between church staff and the congregation.
Finance Committee
Jason Hale, Chair
This group works to manage the stewardship of our resources and to help fund our ministry efforts.
The trustees are charged with the maintenance, use and stewardship of our physical facilities.

Below are descriptions of our ministry teams and their leaders:

Missions Team
Kim Joyce,  Chair
The missions team seeks out the needs of our community and coordinates our church response. They look for the ways God may be calling us to service.
Discipleship Team
The Discipleship team works with the Pastor for Worship & Discipleship to prayerfully plan and coordinate the discipleship activities of our congregation. These include Sunday School classes, short-term studies and small-group resources for continual covenant relationship.
Worship Team
The Worship Team coordinates with the Minister of Music & Worship to support the worship life of our congregation. This team oversees the recruitment of worship leadership, including acolytes, ushers, communion servers, scripture readers, a/v techs, and altar & sanctuary decorations.
Welcome & Witness
Reine Humeny, Leader
The welcome & witness team seeks to offer hospitality to those who enter our building for worship, outreach and other events.
Communications Team
The communications team helps us stay connected, supporting ministry efforts, maintaining the web site, holding fast to deadlines and helping us reach out to the community
Children's Ministries Team
Keri Cress, Staff
Robin Dyer, Leader
This team plans ministries with children, including events for fellowship and formation. They are the bridge between families and the other ministries of the church.
Youth Ministries Team
Keri Cress, staff
Congregational Care Team
The congregational care team keeps contact with members of our congregation who need care, reaching out via personal visits, phone calls, cards and hand-knitted prayer shawls.
Bridging Ministries Team
Sue Conder, Leader
Bridging ministries seek to connect the church to the needs of those in our community, specifically the immigrant and refugee populations in our part of the city, through ministries such as Justice for our Neighbors and ESL classes on Wednesday nights.

Creation Care Team

Megan Cobb, Chair

 The Creation Care team strives to take care of God's earth, air and water to maintain top quality of all.
From working with the Tennessee Forestry Division to Boy Scouts, all efforts are made to improve the earth.